Damaged Trees -How much damage have the gales caused in your garden?
8th June 2012
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Is your garden in constant shade?
Is that tree growing ever nearer to your property

Jason owner of Cych Valley Landscaping based in Abercych Pembrokeshire is proud to welcome a new member to the team.
Essential to garden maintenance is Vince an arborist (tree surgeon to you and me).

The trees that adorn the properties of our homes and businesses do not need our attention to thrive. Sometimes, however, a tree needs specialized care in order to coexist safely in an environment surrounded by people and animals as well as buildings, cars, roads and power lines. Neglect of a tree in need of treatment or repair can quickly turn a beloved shade tree into an eyesore and an imminent hazard.
If a tree is damaged, diseased, or dead, it represents a real threat to people, animals, other trees and structures in its vicinity. Bearing in mind the extent of harm that may ensue if a tree falls, the need for proper tree care becomes blatantly obvious.
While DIY tree care may seem like a good idea to save money up front, long term tree damage and bodily injury can result from a lack of knowledge of proper tree maintenance and treatment. Even attempting a job that appears simple on the surface, such as pruning branches that have grown too close to your home, can quickly go awry if handled by a non-professional. Aside from damage to the tree that can result from pruning its branches incorrectly, damage to the home caused by your negligence is very likely not going to be covered by your homeowners insurance.

Vince is passionate about his role in garden maintenance specialising in his conservation of trees.  He has 13 years of experience working from the ground up, he has a wealth of information and this is combined with affection for trees.  His commitment is to conservation.  Conservation of the environment, the trees themselves and your time making as few cuts as possible to create the desired effect.  He is fully qualified, has the correct equipment and is insured to maintain your trees.  He will do this artistically and your trees will flourish.
The average person does not have the background knowledge to identify potential hazards. Vince can identify obscure symptoms of structural weakness, insect infestations, disease or death that may call for an alternative means of treatment or constitute tree removal altogether.
He can correct tree issues that have already developed, and can also prevent future problems by identifying and correcting potential hazards.

For instance, some trees grow in a pattern that eventually leads them to become too unstable to support their own weight. Left untreated, an unbalanced tree can fail unexpectedly, endangering everyone and everything in its path. However, the same tree can be saved if its condition is identified in advance. 

Vince can identify the potential for structural weakness and employ techniques such as cabling and bracing to help support the tree and encourage a healthier growth pattern.

Hiring Vince is advised if your trees have never been professionally inspected and bearing in mind the gales we are currently experiencing, you may well find you will be in need of a Tree Surgeon before the week is out!! So call  Cych Valley Landscaping on 01239 639 150 and ask for the services of Vince the Arborist

PS Cych Valley Landscaping cover both South Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and West Carmarthenshire

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