Christmas is coming the Goose is getting fat!!
24th November 2010
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Christmas is coming the Goose is getting fat…………!!

  • So are you running around seeing you have enough food in for the Festive Season?
  • Have you bought everyone presents or are you leaving it to the last minute?
  • Have you got enough tangerines to put in the kids stockings?  Hey stop – why do we put tangerines in stockings?  In fact have we ever stopped to think why we do all the traditions at Christmas time – like why do we kiss under the mistletoe or who invented the crackers?

My grandfather created a tradition in our home.  He used put the turkey in the oven around 1 am Christmas morning.  Why so early? Well he was totally deaf but could hear vibrations so every Christmas eve as the family returned from the local pub he would hear their vibrations as they staggered into the house in a “Merry” Mood.  He would think it time to get up and prepare the turkey and pop it into the oven and then go back to bed!!  Early morning as usual us children would get everyone up and my Mother would immediately smell the Turkey!  We never actually had the Turkey for breakfast but we certainly could have and it always made us laugh and put us in the right Christmasy mood.

So why do we eat Turkey at Christmas?  In pastimes  in England it was a Pig’s Head with Mustard -  I for one am glad its Turkey now.  Apparently Turkey was imported to France by Jesuits and it is still known today in some areas as a “Jesuite”.

Back to the earlier questions.  Kissing under the mistletoe (I like this tradition, providing they are male, tall dark and handsome!!) According to my research is thought to spring form Frigga the Norse Goddess of Love who was associated with the mistletoe plant.  The tradition of Crackers – apparently a Tom Smith created the first Christmas cracker in 1847.

More facts about the traditions of Christmas next week!!   If you have any do let us know , just add your comments below.

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