12th October 2012
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Are you into the Arts, particularly Music and Poetry?

Have you ever visited a music gig at the Cellar Bar in Cardigan?

You will then know how great this venue is and how important it is to the local community and to visitors to the area.

A project has launched this week to save the popular Cellar Bar in Cardigan.

Campaigners are looking for 500 people to put up £500 each to make a community bid to buy the building, which also houses the Castle Café and flats above.

The venue, which stages live music, poetry and open mic events as well as fundraisers and benefit events for local causes, is under threat because of financial problems faced by owners Steve and April Greenhalgh.

Steve said: ‘While the Cellar and the Castle Café operate as profitable businesses the bank has called in the loan and we are unable to remortgage to the level we would need to. As a business it could be a profitable community project and we are happy to support this idea. The place is obviously that important to people.’

‘The café and Cellar are continuing to operate for the time being. But we do not know for how long,’ he added.

The Cellar Bar 500 project was announced this week by regulars.

Some are already arranging fundraising events in a bid to find the cash to buy a share in the project.

Peter Kinsey, who launched the scheme, said: ‘We believe the Cellar Bar is a vital part of the social infrastructure of Cardigan and the wider area and we will do all we can to save it.

‘The idea is that the place would be owned by the community for the community. At present we are collecting pledges and will formulate a clear policy and organisation before we proceed.’

He added:  ‘One local musician said he would sell his guitar to raise money if it would help – this means that much to people.

Another regular said: ‘The Cellar is a haven for so many people and it’s a great platform for the arts locally. We must save it if we possibly can.’

As well as investors the group is seeking people with expertise in various areas to help out – including finance, law, grants and fundraising.

Anyone who wants to find out more can contact the project co-ordinators on the Cellar Bar 500 Facebook page:

Once initial contributions are received the money will be held by a secure third party and will be fully refundable should the project be cancelled at any stage. The aim is to set up a social enterprise company to buy the building.

Contact for enquiries:

Peter Kinsey on email 

PS Please note this article was penned by Jackie Biggs



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