8 ways to add value to your product or service
2nd October 2010
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Value, value, value. We all want value. How can you add a little extra value to your product or service and make your customers’ experience memorable?  Here’s 8 quick tips.

1. Value your customer’s data. According to Bestof member Chris Jones from Clickbridge, an accountant has placed a nominal value on email addresses. How much do you think? It’s £10.00 per email address. Your customer’s details are valuable and should be treated with the same respect you treat your customers in person. Never spam them or treat them as a faceless statistic.
2. Guide your customers. Take the time to understand their needs so that you can give them the most appropriate advice and give them the tools to make informed decisions when purchasing.
3. Care for your customers. Do you phone your customers after they’ve made a purchase? A quick call to check that all is okay and find out how they found the experience works wonders. You get instant feedback (even a testimonial) and your customer feels looked after and therefore valued. It doesn’t take much effort to do more than the competition in this area.
4. Protect your customers. Guarantees are all about protecting your customers and reducing their risk.
5. Personalise your service. What’s your customer’s name? How do they like to be addressed? Find out, then use it: in person, by email and by letter.
6. Ask your customer’s opinion. Who knows the benefits of your product or service the best? Your customers . Ask them when you want to develop new products or services and find out where the gaps are. How can you delight your customers?
7. Share your expertise. Especially in business to business products and services, share your expertise and knowledge. This so easy using social media sites, forums or by giving presentations to local business groups. That sharing may help another business make better decisions.
8. Develop your uniqueness. If customers comment on the tidiness of your team, then get even tidier! If the team usually brushes up, get them to shake the door mat too. Soon you’ll be known as the tidiest builder/plumber/in town! 

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