Where can you get the best business training, life coaching or even Apprenticeship skills in Cambridge?
20th August 2013
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Few parents will not have experienced the disruption the long school summer holidays bring. Has dad been coming home from the familiarity of his daily office life to the sight of a strangely unfamiliar, and quite frankly slightly scary other half; nerves stretched to breaking point and tolerance levels dipping into a negative balance?

Or maybe flexible working has allowed you to spend more ‘quality’ time with your offspring. Going to the park, watching Peppa Pig, feeding the ducks, watching Peppa Pig, going on day trips, watching Peppa Pig…….

Whatever the circumstances, it’s relatively safe to say that everybody (including the children) breathe a huge sigh of relief when that long awaited first week of September arrives.

However, it might just make you stop and think.  Off go the children, ready, if not quite eager to have their thirst for knowledge satisfied,  horizons widened and their brain cells stimulated on a daily basis.  You on the other hand, are still stuck in Peppa Pig mode as you attempt to go back to your regular work routine.

And whether you’re an employer, manager, employee or small business owner the effects of the summer disruption may be showing.  So why not follow the kids’ lead and introduce some additional training into the workplace, or indeed into your own personal life.

The Accountability Club

Professional business coaching can help you develop  your business, attract the right clients and get the best out of your staff.  Madeleine Morgan and Tim Gale from The Accountability Club provide tailored business coaching through a range of workshops and programmes covering a huge range of subjects from ways to improve cash flow and maximise profits to how to stay motivated and focussed.

Change Your Thinking

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business.

Change Your Thinking offers a FREE 'Business Performance Meeting', where an experienced business performance specialist will do just that.  There are no catches, and no ongoing commitment required, but investing a little of your time, seeing things from a fresh new perspective could give you the guidance and motivation to achieve new success and growth. 

The Qualifications Centre

Ongoing training is an essential part of any business, be it as a means to acquiring additional skilled staff, complying with legal regulations as an employer or motivating existing staff. 

The Qualifications Centre near Bar Hill, Cambridge is a specialist in Apprenticeship delivery.  In house training often proves much more effective than hiring already skilled staff.  Giving training opportunities to existing staff can motivate them and give them a sense of being appreciated, which in turn encourages loyalty to the company.

Madeleine Morgan

You don’t have to be in business to feel the need to achieve personal growth.  Confidence is one of the greatest life skills we can possess, and often one of the most seemingly difficult to acquire.  I say seemingly, because if you go to the right people it can be remarkably easy to transform your life by making a few positive changes.

Cambridge based Life Coach Madeleine Morgan and GrowU Coaching and Training programmes are designed to help you realise your goals and step outside your self imposed limits.  Gain self belief, improve your self esteem, even learn how to deal positively with criticism; mastering these skills can literally transform your life as you put them into practice.

So it’s definitely not just the children whose minds and curiosity can be stimulated as we head towards September.  There is no truth in the ‘old dog  new tricks’ adage – you are NEVER too old to learn.  You may be stuck in a rut, you might lack motivation or believe you don’t have what it takes to make positive changes.

All those businesses listed above can set you firmly on the road to greater success and achievement. Find full details on thebestof Cambridge's Business Services pages, so take a look and prepare to flourish!

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