What can a human resources consultant do to help your business?
28th April 2014
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Just about every large firm has its own Human Resource department, but when it comes to smaller businesses, the financial responsibility of employing a HR specialist when they're not needed on a full time basis simply doesn't make sense.

Yet there are consultants such as Cambridge based Janet Henson-Webb – Human Resources Consultant, who works with clients on an ad-hoc, outsourced basis. So what can she – and other HR consultants – do for your business?

A HR consultant can improve your business in many ways, not least drawing up essentials such as contracts of employment, recruitment and employment law advice.

As the link between company and employee, they can settle any grievances and seek ways in which to improve your working environment. They can work with you to establish an ethos of hearing out employees and ensuring that staff are comfortable with sharing their views and issues with management.

In essence, they will help you forge a better relationship with your employees, increasing motivation, production and loyalty. A happier workforce also means a lower turnover of staff, reducing the stress and financial costs of recruitment and training.

A HR consultant will also address the management of the company to ensure that it is functioning efficiently. For example, it may be determined that there are too many managers, or that the roles each manager performs could be altered or transferred to another person to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Based in Burwell, Cambridge, Janet Henson-Webb – Human Resources Consultant provides, practical, informed HR, training and personal development solutions to companies across the region.

Her HR Essentials package lays solid foundations for every aspect of HR, including HR policies and procedures, employee handbooks and contracts of employment. Janet Henson-Webb can provide HR troubleshooting to determine how best to deal with a suspected performance, motivation or morale issue.

The Burwell based HR consultant also offers a HR support service for those who need advice; the subscription is for up to ten hours per year and can include email, phone, fax and on-site consultancy when required.

In addition, Janet Henson-Webb – Human Resources Consultant, can provide support and guidance in organisational development and restructuring, helping companies realise the full potential of their employees after mergers, acquisitions and more.

Please click here for further information about Janet Henson-Webb - Human Resources Consultant in Cambridge.

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