What a summer of sport on TV, can you remember what happened?
19th September 2016
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So much has happened, do you remember who won the Euro's?

Wow, what a summer it's been for sport on TV.  I almost can't remember the football Euros back in June and July and even Wimbledon has become a distant memory.  However, that wouldn't be the case if it were not for the biggest sports event on the planet, the Olympics and Para-Olympic games. 

So many different sports played in such a short space of time, I often didn't know where to look!  As always, the BBC and Channel 4 captured all the action extremely well and this year the power of the Internet shone through with options to watch lots of different events as they happened.  Channel 4 might not have the reach the BBC does, but it did have The Last Leg on every night, which helped to increase the publicity of the games and the athletes taking part. 

Olympics needs evening entertainment show

I think the able bodied Olympics would benefit from showing a regular entertainment show like The Last Leg.  With so many athletes taking part, it's easy to forget who has won what as the games progress.  To hear how each olympian got to be where they are now is inspiring stuff to hear! 

The back stories to the people taking part in the Para-Olympics was extremely emotional and inspiring and to see them competing at the level they did was simply superhuman!

So the next time I have a twinge in my back or my leg feels a little sore I am not going to complain about it (for very long), but will think back to the Para-Olympians and just get on with it (after a short course of ice and rest!-).

Watching the games over the summer introduced me to sports I rarely see on TV, incl. wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis (why is this not shown on TV during Wimbledon?), swimming and cycling in the velodrome.  I really enjoyed watching these sports and it's just a shame they are not shown on television more often. 

Would showing more sport on TV help inspire people to take up sport and lower obesity levels?  Worth a try?

It has definitely inspired me to go outside more and get involved in a new sport, I just hope it has inspired you too!

If you have been inspired by the games this summer, why not try something new or take up something you love, it is not too late!  The BBC have a get inspired section on their website which is a very good place to start.  You can find this at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/get-inspired

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