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26th June 2013
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A few years ago under the car body repairs side of our business we were asked to display at the Two Counties Motor Show held at Newmarket's Rowley Mile Racecourse. It was a fantastic day for us and all those attended.

As family day's go... or at least those families with an automotive interest, this year's event held on June 30th promises to as good as any event, if not better, than those organised by the Newmarket and Cambridge Lions Clubs previously.

In attendance will be The Stig, a formula 1 simulator will also there too for those who are inspired by what they've seen on the live coverage of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone that will be aired during the Two Counties Motor Show.

Furthermore there will also be over 500 new and used cars for you to look at in addition to trade stands where you can purchase items to help you look after your pride and joy.

So if you want a great family day out with an automotive slant whilst also supporting the Lions Club charity event which has raised over £80,000 in previous years, take yourself down to the Rowley Mile Racecourse in Newmarket this Sunday, June 30th.

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