Time for a change of décor?
13th April 2016
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Time for a change of decor?

Now that winter is a distant memory and spring is underway it is a good to take a look at the decorations to see what is due for a change. As we have a respite before the summer begins it is a good time consider the home décor. Is the old place looking a little tired or dull? A little worse for wear maybe? If so, a fresh lick of paint could be in order.

Decorating is wonderful for restoring a home to its proper glory; new paintwork and fresh wall coverings can really transform any home.

Local businessman Steve the Decorator  has been recommended on thebestof Cambridge for over 3 years and has been a self-employed decorator for more than 35 years, during which time he has gained a great reputation and a lot of experience.

Here are some of the services that a good professional decorator like Steve can provide.  You might think you can do all this yourself, but a good job can take time, money and skill to get right. 

Internal paintwork - sanded, cleaned away and prepared with care, under coated and top coated to requirements in colours of your choice.

External paintwork - treated as above using top quality exterior paint.

Wall papering - any room large or small, lining paper and high quality top papering done. No fuss, no mess.

Accessory fittings - supplied and fitted.

Pipework boxed in and where required painted.

Shelf building.

Tile grouting and fixing - to freshen up a bathroom or kitchen.


A decorator like Steve often offers a large range of hundreds of colours and shades to match soft furnishings and in top manufactures labels such as: Farrow and Ball, Dulux, and The Green. 

However, make sure to look at the brands being used by your professional decorator and make sure the pots of paint being used are freshly opened if they are selling you a specific range.  Otherwise, it could be that a cheaper brand of paint is poured into a higher branded paint pot.

Some decorators like Steve might also offer additional cleaning services which go hand in hand with this type of trade.  However, seeking a professional trader that focuses purely on one primary function is often the better choice, as the saying goes, master of one, a jack of all.  That said, sometimes, offering additional services can work well. 

For example, take Steve the Decorator, who also offers the following:

Professional Cleaning

Some decorators like Steve, may offer the service of cleaning using state of the art Air Cleaners which can be used to remove paint fumes, dust, mould, bacteria dust mites, allergens, and odours.   Especially useful in homes where occupants are susceptible to these contaminants.

Carpet shampooing
More established decorators like Steve might branch out even further and offer services such as Carpet shampooing which use deep cleaning formulas to deodorize and freshen carpets and upholstery by penetrating deep into fibres to break down stubborn dirt, stains and odour.   These cleaning products sometimes contain unique Scotch Gard technology that adds stain and soil protection to the carpet.

Steam Cleaner
Natural sanitizer and deodorizer will remove: grease, stains, chewing gum, dog hairs & fleas, chemicals, allergens, spores, mould, germs, viruses, bacteria and dust mites.

Industrial cleaner
To achieve stunning deep cleaning action important to improve the colours and to remove dirt.  It can also be used on plastic double glazing which is restored to a super white new look and metals cleaned and removed of grease, lime scale and tarnish.  Wood is also stripped of grease and wax and given new wax to rejuvenate natural beauty of natural wood.


Decorating and refreshing the home by deep professional cleaning is a great way to begin the summer, customers are recommended to speak to Steve and he will supply a written quotation and provide wise advice where required. It is not easy to find a true craftsman in the midst of a whole list of trades people all promising the best service.  So we say, look no further, contact Steve the Decorator  today!



Steve the Decorator  is recommended by the best of Cambridge, showcasing the very best of local businesses.

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