The warmer months are nearly here – is your house or rental property in need of a thorough spring clean in honour?
1st March 2013
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It's the start of March – it may be cold but the days are getting longer and I'm sure those daffodils are trying to break through... which can mean only one thing. It's the first day of Spring!

But before you leap in the air with joy, remember one downside of this time of year – the bright light streaming through your windows and highlighting the dust, faded wallpaper or dull paint that is desperately in need of your attention. Up and down the country, people will be preparing themselves for the inevitable spring clean. It may be a part of your annual ritual, or because you are thinking of moving and know that a bright, uncluttered house increases your chances of a quick sale. 

Landlords may also be looking for a way to refresh and rejuvenate their properties once a tenant has left; if that’s something you think would benefit your home – whether you are planning on selling, looking for a new tenant or simply sick of the clutter – then Cambridge’s Steve the Decorator is just who you need.

Not just a painter and decorator, Steve Nutting will make sure that your home really has that WOW factor by offering a thorough clean-up afterwards – it’s like a new look and a spring clean rolled in to one.

And Steve certainly likes a challenge. As a trusted tradesman to landlords throughout Cambridge and the surrounding area, he knows that properties can get into a bit of a mess, leaving you with a job on your hands to get them spick and span for the next tenant.

No matter how badly the previous occupants have left it, Steve will leave you with a property which stands out from the crowd. Only recently he renovated a vacant rental property, transforming it from a tired and mouldy flat into a warm and attractive home. This one bedroomed flat had mould growth on both ceilings and walls, which was not only unattractive but gave off an unpleasant smell. Household fungicide wasn't enough to clear it, so the experts (aka Steve the Decorator) were called in.

In just three days, Steve has washed the areas with industrial fungicide, applied two coats of durable, non-absorbent matt emulsion that was mixed with a specialist anti-mould and bacteria additive to kill 99% of any new bacteria or fungus spores in a matter of hours. 

With 31 years of experience, he knows that it can take more than a simple set of magnolia walls and white gloss to make your property attractive, either to yourselves or prospective tenants.

Whether you are a landlord who wants to ensure that your investment reaches its full potential by enticing tenants ahead of others in the market, a homeowner looking to speed up a sale, or simply someone who want to give their home a turbo-charged spring clean, then contact Steve the Decorator today.

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