The Very Early Lunch Club is here to calm your public speaking jitters
9th February 2012
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The Very Early Lunch Club (VELC) has a  great meeting for you on the 2nd March to try and help combat a common problem for many of us in business - public speaking.



Whether in front of 1 or 1000 people, the prospect of giving that presentation, pitch, congratulation or dressing down in front of other people can be a daunting and debilitating part of the working environment and many do not seek the assistance to combat the problem. Mark Rhodes is our speaker for this; coming from the Entrepreneurs Business Academy, he is well equipped to advise on the subject, particularly as he has had his fair share of woes and frustrations in this area and combated them extremely successfully.



The session is called Zero to Hero for this very reason and you are invited to join Mark on the 2nd March with a prompt start at 7.30am. You will need to book as ever; click through to the VELC website for more details on this. Plus, for those who are new to the Very Early Lunch Club, you can find out more about the monthly sessions as a whole.



Don't miss out on this important and potentially life changing opportunity!

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