Singing Voice More Starling than Lark? Cambridge Singing Coach, Penelope Fletcher may be able to Help!
7th April 2011
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Some like to sing in the shower, others in the car…you know the people you see at the traffic lights pretending not to notice they have been caught wailing away to the Grease mega mix. This may be you, and perhaps you are looking for a real outlet to hone your tones and create a new hobby at the same time?


Whatever your motive, style or genre, local singing coach, Penelope Fletcher offers singing lessons at the Centre St Paul’s in Cambridge every Wednesday.


Penelope offers one to one tuition, and provides professional coaching to any style of singing and music you wish to sing.


Singing is a fantastic stress reliever and a great feel good activity, and so whether your looking to become the next Leona Lewis, or would simply like to sit at those traffic lights with the windows down and your voice turned up, Penelope may be just the ticket to stardom you are looking for! 


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