Over 100 wheelie bins stolen across Cambridge in the past 12 months!
1st September 2010
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Cambridgeshire Police have issued a warning to local home owners this week, following the reported theft of hundreds of wheelie bins.


115 wheelie bins have been stolen from outside people's homes within the past twelve months, an average of 9 a month, spurring the Police to issue advice to local residents who might have been affected by the issue.


The Council and local Police are urging anyone who finds their wheelie bin missing to report it as stolen so they can build up a picture of which areas are being targeted by thieves.


A Police spokesperson outlined: “People sometimes do not report the theft and just get a replacement bin but we would urge people to report it. If there are a lot of thefts going on in a particular area then we need to know about it. In Cambridge, residents pay the council £50 for a new bin or £25 for a reconditioned bin if available, to replace bins stolen or missing."



To report a stolen bin, contact Police on 0345 4564564.

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