Improving the Jeep Wrangler
22nd March 2013
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Jeep, that iconic 4x4 brand, arguably as popular and great and with as loyal following fans as Land Rover is the strongest it’s ever been. And, it’s been said that ‘people don’t buy Jeep’s, they build them’. But here’s the thing… if that last statement is true, is it a compliment or not? After all, if you spend thousands to buy a Jeep, surely you should expect it to come ready-assembled? And if you have to keep building it because it keeps coming apart it can’t be that great in the first place, can it?

Recently we were asked by two Jeep owners to perform a Jeep 2.8 wrangler remap on each of their 4x4s. These owners love American 4x4’s and aside from these two Wranglers also own Hummer H1 and Hummer H2’s as well.  One Jeep was the 2.8 Sahara special edition whilst the other 2.8 Jeep Wrangler was given privacy glass plus some oversized tyres and trick looking wheel adornments by its owner (maybe this is what is meant by ‘building’ a Jeep). And the truth is… we loved both of them. Well almost. We loved the look of them but the way they drove was not as enjoyable from inside the cabin as it was looking at them in the car park. There was simply too much turbo lag at the low end resulting is not enough torque. And considering low-end torque is a huge advantage for a 4x4 whether it’s mud-plugging, towing or crawling up and down a craggy mountainside such an observation is surprising as these 4x4’s look as though they’re built for the outback and should have an engine that’s equally at home there. 

With the appropriate adjustments made to the fuelling, timing, boost and torque tables amongst others, we were literally given two thumbs by the owners who were now really enthusiastic about how their Jeeps drove. As Mick, one of the owners said ‘We loved the way they looked but until the remap it was just so frustrating that they looked the part but didn’t go the part. Now though, there’s no turbo lag at all’. It might have taken us a few attempts to get the map just right for these two Jeep loving owners but that’s what custom remapping is all about, tuning the vehicle to meet your needs. And, at the end of the day, Mick’s Jeep remap testimonial is proof enough to us that we’re providing the right service for our customers. 

So what of the quote that ‘people don’t buy Jeep’s they build them’? Well… as far as we’re concerned that’s got to be a compliment. After all, if people love the look of Jeep’s enough to buy them, and then enjoy their Jeep enough to modify it and add accessories to it to meet their needs and aspirations for it, then Jeep are onto a winner.

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