If I stop, can you?
2nd August 2013
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Last week I was driving to a pharmaceutical company to deliver a workshop on communication skills for eight of their managers. Suddenly, a notice on the back of the van in front of me caught my attention because it asked a valuable question.
I’m fascinated by questions because I spend a lot of my day:

  • asking questions that help people find new and empowering answers.
  • helping my clients develop powerful questioning skills to help them achieve their goals, sell, influence, negotiate, develop rapport, lead, solve problems and so on.

The notice said: If I stop, can you?
What a great question!
I felt that it got me to check my reality and think about the consequences of driving too close in a more effective way than if the notice had been a statement or command about keeping my distance. Why? Because it didn’t provoke my inner rebel or my inner worrier or my inner apathetic person, like a command or statement might. It aroused my inner positive action taker.
Maybe you would have felt that effect too?
So who in your personal, career or business life would you like to influence to take positive action? What curious question could you ask that would invite them to explore consequences and take positive steps?

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