How can I save money on my electricity bills?
28th June 2013
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Global warming, climate change, ‘a myth’ or however else you want to think about carbon emissions into the atmosphere... whatever your opinion, one thing is for certain. Wasting energy is wasting money, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to make their home more energy efficient, even if only to save on bills, and in some cases, actually see money coming back.

And if you are a landlord, then be aware that you will need to have your property up to a certain level of efficiency before you are legally allowed to rent it out within a few years.

There are plenty of ways to improve efficiency. Wall insulation, either cavity or exterior, loft insulation and improved boilers and windows. But one surefire way to save on energy costs and improve the energy efficiency rating of your home or rental property, is to start to generate some of that energy yourselves.

Solar power electricity has been springing up on rooftops up and down the country, and as it becomes more popular and wider spread, the prices have started to drop. You might even be able to gain some grant funding to help cover the cost.

And with feed in tariffs available for energy you generate, but don’t use, then the national grid will be paying you for electricity for a change.

Best suited to south facing roofs, the panels can also be fitted on other orientations to generate power. It doesn’t even have to be a blazing summer day to work.

thebestof Cambridge has two local businesses who specialise in solar electric generation and both come with the piece of mind that they have been highly recommended by other users of thebestof Cambridge.

Projects4Roofing and Cambridge Solar both offer fully trained installers and advisors on all aspects of solar energy, how and where they can be fitted, and the best way for you to add this to your property.

Visit their bestof Cambridge listings pages to get more details.

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