Embrace your inner bookworm at the Book Fair at The Guildhall Cambridge this Friday
15th February 2012
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With all the new fan-dangled interactive ways to get you reading, the good old fashioned book may start to feel like it has been shelved for its "techy" counterparts.


In celebration of the traditional paper pages of fact and fiction, The Guildhall in Cambridge is hosting a Book Fair to showcase books from an astounding 84 dealers, ranging from old, new, collections and the gloriously odd for you to take home and enjoy.


Books also make great gifts for any occasion, and a book can be found to suit, whether that be a new baby in the family, a wedding to arrange or a budding chef in the family!


The fair will be running at The Guildhall in Cambridge on Friday 17th February 2012 and will be run by the very friendly and knowledgeable members of the Book Fair Committee.


The session costs a mere £1.00 and includes a brochure, a small cost to celebrate the humble book! 


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