Councillor urges Cambridge to consider homes in gardens
30th April 2010
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Councillor Alan Baker, the planner who has helmed Cambridge’s development for the past seven years, has urged people to consider turning large back gardens in the city into potential sites for new housing.


Mr. Baker outlined that residents might also have to get used to new, taller buildings as Cambridge struggles to cope with its expected population growth, following plans for a further 12,000 homes on the Marshall site fell through.


He also pinpointed a recent development at Queen Edith’s Way as an example of what could be achieved, where a large detached house was demolished and replaced by a high quality block of flats, capable of housing between 12 to 14 families.


Alan has been chair of Cambridge Council’s planning committee for over 7 years, but is not seeking re-election this month as he steps down from his role into retirement. In parting he urged local residents not to think of typical Cambridge buildings only having two or three storeys, but to consider the need for taller buildings, capable of housing more people.



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