Cambridgeshire could see a pay as you drive tariff introduced.
17th January 2011
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A new motoring charge is being proposed for Cambridgeshire.


Launched today, the scheme proposes a pay as you drive tariff covering most roads in the county. Motorists would be monitored via vehicle fitted meters as well as a network of roadside cameras and then charged according to their road usage.


A previous idea had been for a congestion charge in Cambridge, but this proposal was discontinued in late 2010.


It is hoped the new pay as you drive scheme will prove more popular as it appears a much fairer system, covering all roads at all times with exception only to the A14, M11 and A11 which are managed by the Highways Agency.


The charge will be based upon distance travelled, route used, time of travel and carbon emissions.


It is expected that most drivers can expect to pay from £3 to £9 per week but heavy users could incur charges of around £30.


The income generated would be used to make improvements to Cambridgeshire's highways and public transport.

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