Cambridge University Science Fair is sure to be fun for all!
8th March 2012
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March is a busy month for  a variety of reasons but that doesn’t stop this great city from providing ever more things to do, learn and experience.


From the 15th until 25th March 2012, a series of lectures, workshops and demonstrations will be held across the city. The Cambridge University Science Fair is all about making science interesting and accessible, taking us away from the notion of scientists in white coats, Bunsen burners, and complex formulas that no-one understands but the gifted.


Instead we will be able to see how rockets are launched, how volcanoes erupt and when, green science, engineering and the production of nature programmes! There really is something for everyone at the Cambridge University Science Fair and proof science comes in many guises and disguises and is present in everything that we do.


So whether just out of interest or for career or education decisions to be made, this is a series of events you do not want to miss!


Check out everything that’s available during the Cambridge University Science Fair; booking will be essential to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to find about everything you have really wanted to know!



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