Cambridge roadworks ordered to hurry up
20th September 2010
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Roadworks on the Brooklands Avenue and Hills Road bridge have been attacked by local councillors, who complained that the work had been taking too long.


Complaints have been made about continuous traffic jams along the route caused by the engineering works, which are attempting to create a link between Hills Road and the railway station, as well as improve cycling access within the area.


County Councillor, Geoff Heathcock complained the blocking off the bridge on a busy commuter route for two months was unacceptable: We are having a constant battle with congestion in the area; people jump the lights because they have to wait so long, putting others in dangerous situations. The work should be done in one short burst, not spread out for months.”


Meanwhile Roy Pegram, Council Member for Infrastructure and Planning, leapt to the defence of the roadworks, outlining that work was on schedule to be finished before Christmas as intended: “The scheme is on schedule as we programmed and I am glad to say that it may well finish earlier than planned.


“We have a finite amount of money to complete these works and the work has been programmed in the most efficient way by the contractor. If we start bringing in extra teams or working at night to speed up, then this would cost more.

“We do apologise for the inconvenience but this scheme will save lives and encourage more people to get on their bike.”
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