Cambridge residents campaign against the relocation of facilities in the Lion Yard shopping centre
29th January 2011
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Campaigners took to the streets in Cambridge to campaign against the relocation of the public toilet facilities in the Lion Yard shopping centre.


Cambridge City Council has already made the decision to close the toilets in their current location, allowing redevelopment of the area.


Plans are to move the facilities from the Fisher Square entrance on the ground floor to the first floor of the shopping centre, which those against the proposals argue will be difficult for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs to access.


Activists hoped they could encourage the council to rethink the plans and in only 2 hours on Friday, they collected 800 signatures for their petition.


Campaigners argue the facilities are currently ideally situated and the ill thought-out relocation proposals are disregarding the needs of local shoppers purely to free up retail space and increase profit.


The relocation of the toilets will also see a reduction in facilities from 14 to 11 female cubicles and from 6 to 4 male cubicles.

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