Cambridge Jobs set to go High-Tech
2nd June 2010
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Jobs opportunities within Cambridge are set to increase over forthcoming years with a number of high-tech, technology focused businesses choosing to establish permanent homes in the city.


Often referred to as the UK's 'Silicon Valley' or more appropriately 'Silicon Fen', the density of high-end technology developers and manufacturers within Cambridge is set to reach an all time high over the next five to ten years as several major players within the industry move to local science parks and business centres.


Most recently Microsoft announced that it plans to locate its new Microsoft Research UK offices in Cambridge, separate from its main centre in Reading.


In turn, an increase in local jobs and business opportunities is expected to be seen as investment is drawn to the city, establishing Cambridge as one of the leading centres for business within the UK as well as a handy base for commuters to London.


With all this set to come along in the next few years it is no surprise that many people are currently looking towards innovative cities such as Cambridge as the turning points in reversing the effects of the recession and creating new employment and commerce.


If you’re currently looking for work in or around Cambridge then be sure to check the employment section of The Best of Cambridge which is regularly updated with the details of local recruitment agencies and job opportunities.


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