Cambridge householders warned to beware of fraudsters
6th October 2010
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Cambridge Water is warning local householders to be on the alert for imposters after a series of fraudulent phone calls were made to customers across the city.


Customers of Cambridge Water have reported receiving late night phone calls claiming a water leak has been found nearby and they need to send an engineer to repair it. One customer reported receiving a call as late as 1:30am in the morning.


A spokeperson for Cambridge Water explained: “A number of customers have received hoax calls from someone claiming to be from the company. One customer in the Hardwick area received a call at 1.30am on Sunday from a man claiming he had spotted a leak in the area and would be returning to repair it in the morning.


“On Sunday evening, similar calls were also reported to police from two other customers in Hardwick and Cambridge."

“Cambridge Water would like to assure customers it has a policy of not telephoning outside of office hours, unless it is returning a call made by a customer. In the event of an emergency, Cambridge Water is likely to notify customers by visiting their property directly, using the loudhailer on its vans or dropping a card through the letterbox."

“For smaller, private leaks the company will contact customers during office hours, which are 8.30am to 5pm.”

“If you think the caller may not be legitimate, report it to the police.”
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