Cambridge businesses set to miss out on Budget benefits
24th June 2010
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Business leaders across Cambridge have spoken out against new Budget proposals that will see companies within the region unfairly missing out on many of the benefits enjoyed by neighbouring counties and cities.


Cambridgeshire's Labour Euro MEP, Richard Howitt, outlined that Cambridge businesses are suffering from the effects of the recession just as much as their UK counterparts, but are being excluded from the new Budget beneifts, such as national insurance 'holidays', as the South-East as a whole is considered to be prospering.


Richard commented: "“It is manifestly unjust for the Budget to exclude our business from the national insurance handout, when local business failures increased by more than a quarter last year  and our region’s private companies have been forced to shed more than 55,000 jobs. The new government has got it plain wrong to lump struggling businesses in Cambridgeshire with those of the more prosperous South East."

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