Cambridge at risk of 'gridlock chaos'
30th September 2010
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Commuters in Cambridge could face severe delays over the next few weeks as roadworks are carried out to prevent a busy street sinking beneath the pavement.


Cambridge Council called an emergency meeting yesterday with Anglian Water officials after a sewer beneath St Andrew's Street collapsed, putting the structure and safety of the road above ground at risk.


The collapse was discovered after the Council's Highways Department found a depression in the road and went on to discover the collapsed sewer way underneath.


Local business owners and taxi companies have warned that the roadworks, which are expecting to take around two weeks, could cause 'gridlock' across Cambridge city centre, especially when you consider other road closures nearby such as Mill Road and Hills Road.


What do you think of the state of Cambridge's roads? We'd love to hear your opinion (although please keep the swear words to a minimum!)

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