Build your business in Cambridge without ever stepping foot in the city!
16th March 2010
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Your business can establish a cost effective local presence in Cambridge by creating and operating an external business mail address from an alternative location.


Mailbox services, telephone answering and messaging can help expose your business to Cambridge residents and companies, no matter where in the world you're based.


Alternatively if you work from home or a small office and do not wish large volumes of business mail or calls to be sent there, why not set up a mailbox address or call handler?


It will collect all of your mail and messages via the normal method and then forward them on to you at intervals of your choice, e.g. every other day, twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.


Cambridge virtual assistant, Factotum, can help you establish a local presence in the community, without the need to actually ever step foot in Cambridge!


For further information about Factotum's range of services, click through to their Best of Cambridge page.

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