Bored of the Queen's Speech and The Great Escape?
23rd December 2012
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It's easy to just fall into a turkey-induced stupor on Christmas Day. You've had a couple of sherries, you've got a belly full of food and a little nap in front of the usual telly sounds like the perfect plan.

But don't you find that Christmas Day passes in a flash as it is? Surely spending half of it comatose on the sofa is a bit of a waste of what could be a great family day? Why not try something a little different!

Whether its the traditional game of charades or Trivial Pursuit or something newer or more high tech, getting up and about will help you stay more alert during the rest of the day, and perhaps burn off a few calories.

Murder Mystery games are a fun way for the family to interact on the day. Make sure you check if there is an age rating, as some are aimed at adults and may not be suitable for kids. Pick a character each and run through the scenes in between courses to keep you all on your toes over dinner.

Afterwards, you can burn off a few calories with an active video game such as Wii Sports. Even granny will be able to master the basics of 10pin bowling or even a few games of tennis!

And before you drop off in front of whatever Bond movie happens to be on, try that old traditional activity of going for a walk. Don’t forget that some pubs are open, so at least you might have an agreeable destination.

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