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7th January 2016
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Running a business, however large or small is never as easy as you think it might be.  The most successful business people have made many mistakes (and still do) along the way to get where they are today.  They also work very hard, but not only that, many successful business people work smart too!

They don't waste time on unnecessary things that many other people do.  We've all been there, busy talking too much at a meeting or spending too long over an email and wondering where the day has gone.  These are tasks successful business people just don't tend to waste time on (mostly).

So how can we become more successful?

There are a number of tips and tricks you can apply to help avoid doing unnecessary things.  I believe they start with important abstract rules that need to be followed and make up the foundations of any successful business:

  1. Make a plan! (use SMART objectives and prioritise it)
  2. Stick to it!
  3. Stay tidy and smile (in every area, from your desk in your office to what you wear at client meetings and events, everything!)
  4. Outsource the jobs you don't need to do yourself to run your business well
  5. Build a database of your prospects and clients
  6. Quantify results as much as you can
  7. Market your business as much as possible
  8. Keep on learning

The rules I have outlined above sound pretty straight forward and obvious, but in many businesses they are just not happening effectively.  I have personally visited a number of small local businesses for meetings and have been suprised by the number that don't even offer the visitor a drink and don't get me started on the state of the toilets!  A small grubby hand towel to share amongst staff and visitors is not my idea of a business looking to grow successfully.

A lot of what selling is about these days centres around the experience.  So if you think about what the experience is going to be for the client when they meet you, it might just make you think a little bit more about how you approach things in future.

Planning gives vision and purpose

Making a plan is essential for any business, it helps motivate you and gives you something to aim for.  However, remember to keep your tasks SMART (simple, measurable, agreed and achievable, realistic and timed).  It really can make a difference and speaking from experience, the simpler the task, the more likely it is of getting done!  To find out more about SMART objectives, try reading this site for more information:

Tip: Try to set your goals the night before!  You are usually most productive in the mornings so maximise this time effectively.

Allocating work to others frees up your time

Outsourcing or recruiting employees to do work that doesn't have to be done by you in order for the business to run effectively is worth considering.  Try drawing up an org chart of your business, listing all the different roles that make up all the jobs (e.g. sales manager, purchasing, accounts, IT, etc...).  Now fill in your name against each role that you are currently responsible for and you will see exactly what it is you are currently doing.

Do you really need to be doing all those roles?  Until you can take yourself a way from the non-core roles, I don't believe you are truly running the business most effectively.

Why quantify results?

Quantifying your business is one of the most important tools you can do!  Knowing the health of your business from a snapshot in time can decide the future direction, growth and success of everything your business is doing.   It can decide what your business is doing right or wrong and can help you to make important decisions.

Quanitfying your business can also help your sales growth as it gives potential customers something tangible to visualise and we all like that!

Why build a database?

Building a database of your prospects and clients creates customer relationship management.  Your database can become your most valuable asset in your business as it is a tool you can use to create an experience with your audience.

I cannot stress enough about the power of a CRM system and the power of automated campaigns.  To find out more, please contact me at

How much should I spend on marketing?

The term marketing has been thrown around for many years to mean so many different things.  It has also been heavily linked with advertising and the two terms almost inter-twined to mean the same thing.  However, in my opinion marketing is about promotion and advertising is about selling.  You advertise something to sell it and you market something to raise awareness of it.  There is however a bit of a blurred line inbetween!

Many businesses think they don't need to worry about marketing, that all their business comes from word of mouth, a little advertisement in the local paper and everything is rosey!  Well, we are now living in an ever increasing population which means logically, there will always be an ever increasing competition!

Those who shout the loudest are heard the most!  Think of your days as a child in the playground or as a player in your local football team, it is always the loudest person who gets the most attention (good or bad).  Perhaps 2-3 years ago, your business was the only business in your category advertising in the local paper.  Now there might be 2-3 similar businesses competing for the same business.  How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

British people love a bargain and we get excited when the sales signs go up in stores.  This is why offers and promotions can work very well (if propositioned well throughout the year).

We also love to gossip in this country which is why reviews are now such an important part of our shopping experience!  We all like to see what somebody else has thought of the product we are thinking of buying before we can decide to buy it ourselves!-)

We also like the feeling of being in an exclusive club, being popular and loved.

As a business, you need to be seen to be the best at what you do, spread your message across many platforms and give the customer the experience they really want.

How can thebestof help you do this?

We essentially provide a cost effective platform that helps you promote your business in your chosen area.  We make use of the latest technology, apps and widgets to help your customers find your business, download offers and provide verified reviews.  We also promote your business on our blogging platform and across social media.

Reviews are so powerful, think of yours!

Do you have any? Are they current? We can help drive up your effective reviews. Think of Amazon, Argos and Trip Advisor, using these reviews are a key element to your buying decision.

We are always looking for businesses who want to drive their business forward and work with us to identify which of our many solutions works best for them.  Think of it like a gym membership, you have to use it to see the benefits!

The most successful companies in the world plough millions into their marketing and although we aren't asking for that much, we can certainly help you along the way for a very affordable price.

If you would like to find out more about how thebestof Cambridge can help boost your business in 2016 and beyond, please contact me, Gareth on or navigate to the About screen and select Contact Us on the right hand side (

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