BBC's Inside Out spotlights Brightlingsea
18th February 2010
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Fifteen years ago, a small Essex coastal town became the subject of headline news throughout the UK.

Brightlingsea became the country’s top story when its port was chosen to ship live animals across the sea to the continent.

The BBC's regional magazine show, Inside Out, delves into how this small town became the focus of a nation as protestors campaigned against the live animal trade.

Live Animals Exported from Brightlingsea

Whilst some locals welcomed the business and the additional trade it would bring to the area, others were horrified at what they believed to be animal cruelty and protests were launched to stop the trade.

Many protestors had never been involved in direct action campaigns before but felt so strongly about the subject that they felt they had to take part.

One woman on the programme remembers how she joined the protest after seeing the heads of calves through the sides of the lorries in the narrow streets that lead to the port. 

BBC reporter, Colleen Harris goes to Brightlingsea to see what effect the protests had – the exports stopped in Brightlingsea but did they continue elsewhere?

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