Are you aware of the 8 new driving laws?
21st September 2015
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For instance, are you aware of the new Middle Lane Hog fine;-

The £1,000 ‘middle lane hog’ fine levied on a motorist in Yorkshire was a result of a tweak to existing laws that enable the police to issue a fixed penalty notice (or FPN) to drivers it believes are driving inconsiderately by committing offences such as  ‘tailgating’, ‘undertaking’, or refusing to move from an overtaking lane when the road ahead is clear.

To see what other laws exist, take a look at: and be aware of the changes.


Just be aware that you are not the only driver on the road.  It is probably more important than ever to understand the laws of the road, especially as the number of cars on our roads is growing faster than ever before!

There are now more drivers entering this country from abroad where driving laws are not always as strict as ours (how to use a roundabout correctly is a big one!).

Enjoy the roads and drive with respect!  It only takes one small accident to damage the life of another for ever!

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