A great BBQ Burger idea to try this summer, courtesy of thebestof Cambridge
25th May 2012
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It’s time to dig out the barbecue for some warm weather outdoor cooking this weekend in Cambridge.


Burgers are, of course a traditional BBQ staple, but have you tried making your own? Here’s a great idea for a BBQ burger with a bit of a twist.


A perfectly cooked burger, with melted cheese and bacon – or whatever else you fancy – is always a winner for outdoor  eating, but this burger has a surprise when you bite in – the toppings are inside.


Burgers are simple to make. Take your minced beef, but not the extra lean that you use for a spaghetti bolognaise. You need some fat in the meat to keep it moist and to drip into the flame to give you that barbeque taste.


Make the burger mix by combining the meat with salt, pepper, a dash of Worcester sauce and split into meatballs. Flatten these into thin burgers and put grated cheese, fried bacon or whatever else you fancy (try some sliced jalapenos for a bit of a kick) in a pile on top of one burger patty, and place another on top. Make sure you press all the edges together to make a nice, chunky stuffed burger.


Experiment with different cheeses - a gooey mozzarella or a sharp cheddar - spices, seasonings and anything else that takes your fancy.


The barbecue needs to be a medium heat, not a roaring flame, and cook for eight to 10 minutes on each side until the meat is cooked and the cheese is melted, then simply serve on the bun of your choice (toasted ciabatta works well) and if you are feeling extra indulgent, add more grated cheese to the top.


Salad is optional - it is a barbecue after all!

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