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Virtual Head Office

02 June 2015 10:43

Lynette Green runs Virtual Head Office in Northgate Street in Bury St Edmunds.

Lovely people, fascinating shop

Everything from the orient. Damn' fine coffee. Literature. And rock'n'roll.

Wes Newton doesn’t look like a builder.

His jeans are a well-known label, and fit properly; he is clean-shaven, and smart in his appearance.

Claire Brooks says, “Can you make document storage sexy?”

Well, most people would consider Jennifer Lawrence to be sexy.

Carlsberg don’t make model shops.

But if they did, it would probably be… well, this one really.

Things to do in Bury St Edmunds

the town we are proud to call home

The jeweller in the crown of Bury

Lesley Ryland is Director at Thurlow Champness

Curry with Love

01 April 2014 09:25

Saul Bennett-Smith keeps a very close eye on the stall, which displays, proudly, the name, ‘Curry with Love’.

Hypnotherapy and its many uses

26 February 2014 14:51

Kate Patterson is a hypnotherapist. I've never knowingly met a hypnotherapist before. Scared? A little....

Angels, cellars, quayside and on the pier

Sonia Colchester is the Sales and Marketing Manager at the Angel Hotel.

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