Wes Newton doesn’t look like a builder.
19th February 2015
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I owe Wes a huge amount of thanks. The story starts last November, when I noticed a water mark on the ceiling of my Daughter’s bedroom. The bathroom is directly above, and when, with trepidation, I removed the bath panel to investigate, I was confronted by damp and mould where the seal of the shower had allowed water to escape into the fabric of the building. Just a little crack, but of course to water it looks like a six-lane highway.

I sank to my knees in despair. The insurance company were brilliant and I had a damp restoration company on site within 24 hours. However, it soon became evident that the leak had been in progress unnoticed for some time. The bath, toilet, and sink, along with two of the walls, all had to be removed.

Regular readers will now how obsessive I am when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness. In my OCD world, this was a disaster. The Best of Bury St Edmunds directed me to Wes, and from there things started to get better.

He was calm and reassuring. Yes, the drying process was going to take weeks rather than days, but he could put it all back together in time. Enter his colleague Mark, who, a few weeks later, rebuilt the walls and retiled the whole room. Likewise Adam, a delightful man who was at the time cultivating a full set of whiskers – it turns out he was auditioning for the role of Fagan in the Theatre Royal’s production of Oliver. Adam repainted and completed the final touches. And Calum, a young man learning his way in the business, who was enthusiastic and helpful. Altogether they are a great team. We now have a fantastic, modern, and shiny bathroom. Sadly, I sometimes go in there now for no other reason than to admire it.

Wes Newton has been running WJ Newton Property Management for seven years now and is very well established in Bury. They are based in Southgate Street, close to the centre of town. Wes himself has a background in maintenance operations as well as building and knows his way round most issues in the business. A lot of what his company does is subcontracted but he seems to choose well in the people he engages to work for him. Management includes Vicky, his wife, who is a Director of the company.

One of WJ Newton’s biggest customers is a national supermarket chain, which allows me to think that my little bathroom was, by comparison, a pretty small matter, but I wasn’t allowed to think so – it was a matter of great concern to me, and Wes took it as seriously as it deserved.

So, there we are: a smashing business run by charming people, who know what they are doing, are completely trustworthy, turn up when they say they will and do what they promised. Can you really ask for anything more?

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