Pyramid Selling... A Spam or a wonderful life changing Business Opportunity?
26th November 2015
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Are you a doubter? Do you think  ‘ Direct Selling’ and ‘Network Marketing’ doesn’t works and that Forever Living cannot make you a living?  Read on, the lovely Sue Hughes is proof that if you love what you do and it makes you smile it CAN be the best job in the world: This is what she told me recently:

-When I started out in my working life I worked in a bank in London, but realised that it was not for me, and went on to be a private secretary in the fashion industry which I loved, I then started my family, when they were growing up I had a Managerial role in Office stationary.

I then had a complete change and was in the entertainment industry as a Magicians Assistant and assistant Cruise Director, I travelled on Cruise ships and woke up in a different port every day so most people would think that I had it all, but my first grandson was born and I no longer wanted to be away from home for long periods of time.

I came across Forever and that was twenty years ago.

During those years I have worked hard, been an on going student, but what it has delivered has been beyond my expectations.

I was looking to earn an extra income of £2-300 per month, but soon realised that people were working the same hours as me but earning a full time income, because they were working smart.

I then decided that I would also like to earn a full time income working part time flexible hours helping other team member achieve their goals.

Forever have Investor in People Gold standard for the training and support for us and are members of the Direct Selling Association.

During those years I have developed a business that from my kitchen table turns over in excess of £1 million, I have built a royalty style income 4 times the income I had been used to, I have travelled extensively with the travel incentive of two luxury destinations a year for the past 15 years,

I have been a part of the Chairman’s Bonus and have just qualified for my 12th cheque year-end bonus, last year there were 6 of my team this year there are 9 qualifying couples, even though we are self employed.


I look at my previous careers, I worked hard but was never rewarded the way we are for doing a good job in Forever, a generous company but like any career path it takes time to develop, hard work, determination and being self motivated.


As you know I have been with Forever for 20 years, and although my business has not had great growth this year, haven't broke any records I wanted to share that I have had the most fantastic year personally. Being in Forever has allowed me to grow, become confident and be forever learning about myself but often with doubts creeping in, for Global Rally in Singapore I added on extra time and visited Vietnam and Cambodia both had been on my Bucket list for years!

 It was a life changing experience that will always stay with me, later in the year we took our 3 eldest grandchildren to a Villa in Spain, their ages 19, 16 and 14, we spent quality time together ( no wifi fantastic) followed by Cancun again we added a week and stayed at the Moon Palace for the whole stay, what an incredible place, again both the hotel and destination was on my bucket list for years!

3 weeks later we took our 8 year old granddaughter to Reykjavik to see the Northern lights, we didn't get to see them but what a fantastic trip with so much to do , go and see, there has been several long weekends away, midweek breaks but just wanted to share that the lifestyle that I can create through working my Forever business is incredible, when I looked all those years ago I was looking for an extra £2-300 not interested in the rest, how things change, a leap of faith has given me a journey like no other. 

Sue Hughes





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