Your Referendum
29th June 2016
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I could not vote in your referendum but have strong views

One thing I will say- we have work to do.

We have businesses to run.

We have to keep going.

We were only just getting back on track. We must not fail to stick together.

Support  BUY LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL, INDEPENDENCE WEEK whatever you like to call it best.

Think about where you are shopping, eating out and having that pint with your chums for a good old moan- or to celebrate.

We live in a beautiful thriving market town our beloved Bury St Edmunds.

Let’s keep it growing and thriving for the next generation.

Get involved with local businesses- come networking with us for example.

For businesses, never before has it been more important to engage with your local community. You may not be able to influence what happens in London , but you can continue to provide great services and products to your customers. Your expertise, your great customer service and your passion for your business will always be your strength.

Whilst this has some major effects on my personal family we are not becoming hysterical- yet.

Be brave you Brits and let us  be nice to each other and help each other.


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