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The Coastal Comedy Show Launches at Lighthouse on Saturday 21st of April! Coastal Comedy has a huge following in Bournemouth and due its success regular shows will now be stage at the Lighthouse.
We share our planet with an array of intelligent creatures that should be admired for their diversity and protected to avoid extinction.
Nobody wants a surprise ruined, but every year many are tempted to rummage through their home looking for Christmas presents. But where are the most common places we hide our gifts?
You better watch out – new research finds the top décor disasters of the season
New research, collated by Jennings Motor Group, reveals that this definitely is not the case for Dorset, since it’s shown to be one of the highest in the country for drink driving offences during the festive season.
Brighton based Assassin Boxing Promotions are delighted to confirm the signing of Sam Jones onto a professional boxing agreement.
DAILY ECHO: The sheds are going up, the Moose bar is in place and in just 24 hours it will officially be Christmas in Bournemouth.
Create an event that will be something unique and keep people from checking the time as they long for the door - By putting some extra fun into your Christmas party, you can make it exciting and memorable, rather than simply obligatory! Fun, unique Christmas party ideas can liven up the corporate event or add a special touch to a gathering among friends. Ensure that all of your guests have a great time this year.
As with most years, the trends show subtle changes from the years before - One of the big moves over the recent years is the growth of blue as a primary colour, as well as creating a pop of colour in a display.. A few years ago we saw blues with silver and white. This year there seems to be a lot more of the blues with gold and champagne tones.
Christmas shopping can be one of the most stressful tasks of the year, endless queues, lots of people everywhere and limited time. For some there is the added concern that they may not be able to buy the one present their loved one most wanted because it has sold out or maybe they simply can’t afford it.
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