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Have you seen our new Kia Sportage?

The Kia Sportage is a car for all reasons! We’re on our third now at thebestof Bolton, the first two being 2 wheel drive 1700cc diesel models and the latest the 4 wheel drive 2.0l CRDi.

Sam Allardyce, Villain Or Victim?

I can’t help feeling for the man who once lead Bolton Wanderers to Premiership highs and who still makes his home in Bolton but what do you think, is he really a villain or has he been hung out to dry by the great British press as he states, being scapegoated by the FA?

How Laser Eye Surgery Restored My Independence

The day the clock was turned back, I regained some of my younger years and was able to see again!

Sykes Joinery Contactors, recognised as a Which? Trusted Trader!

Exciting news for Sykes Joinery, they have been recognised as a Which? Trusted Trader, this means they’re not just your usual joiner! Read on for more information

What’s Your Plan If It All Goes Wrong?

Life’s great and things are easy when it’s all going well. In theory anyway, but what would happen if the unthinkable happened?

The Time Is Now For Bolton Businesses

The time really is now for Bolton Businesses!

Only Do What Only You Can Do

05 January 2016 08:30

I was talking to a group of people at a networking meeting today about outsourcing the delivery of your Social Media campaign.

Customers Don’t Want To Hear That You’re ‘Overworked!’

Talking with a business owner recently, he was telling me how a customer had complained about some work his company had carried out in their home. It wasn’t that the work was sub standard but there had been a few delays due to wrong items being ordered, which caused the job to drag on.

Five Years Helping Bolton Businesses Grow

Five years on from the day we, my wife Gaynor and I, took on Thebestof bolton marketing proposition and our community of businesses continues to grow.

Whose Customer Reviews Can You Believe?

It’s well recognised in today’s consumer market place that positive customer feedback is essential in making a retailer attractive to other consumers but it’s been reported recently that some unscrupulous retailers have been manipulating reviews to give them an unfair advantage. So who can you really trust?

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