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Cosmetic skin treatments are popular nowadays as more people find its benefits convenient and effective. People in our today’s society lead fast- paced lives and different companies offer products and services that can upkeep to these demands.
As we grow older, there are changes in our bodies that we sometimes deem undesirable even though its part of our nature. Different pollution and other harmful substances in our environment add to the factors that causes sickness and sometimes premature ageing of our skin. Due to these problems, a lot of dermatologists, doctors and other medical professionals have come up with different treatments to cure if not to prevent these beauty woes that we or will experience.
Want healthier looking skin? Take on board these 3 tips!
In a recent article for Hello Magazine our patient, former GB Olympian Sharron Davies, talks candidly about her experience with non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as wrinkle injections and Silhouette Soft Thread lifting.
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is officially THE number one CoolSculpting clinic in the UK & Europe for the fourth year running!
Do you want your lips plumping or would just like smooth natural looking lips? The Cosmetic Skin Clinic will have the treatment for you.
The appearance and development of wrinkles on our skin as we get older is inevitable. A part from the skin ageing process, there are a number of contributing factors that can accelerate the development of wrinkles and fine lines. These include things such as exposure to the sun (UV rays), oxidants in the air such as car fumes and smog, smoking cigarettes, alcohol and drinking caffeinated drinks.
If you’ve had a cosmetic procedure done, or are just careful about the products you apply to your skin, mineral makeup could be just what you need.
With today's technology it is no longer necessary to have an operation for certain cosmetic procedures.
Dr Tracy Mountford, a founder member of the British College Of Aesthetic Medicine appeared as a guest on the Apprentice Final last night.
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