Do you want the benefits of cosmetic surgery without going under the knife?
22nd April 2015
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There aren’t many people out there who wouldn’t want to look younger if they had the money to do so, however, not everyone is comfortable with plastic surgery even if they do have the money behind them. There is a different option though, where you can have the results without having to go under anaesthetic and have an operation.

There are now clinics who can help you to look your best and help you sort out the features that bother you without having to have any of the down time that comes with having surgery. With some of the treatments you are able to go straight back to work afterwards so you need very little time off to redress the issues that you are unhappy with.

Some of the non-surgical treatments that are available include:                                                     

  • CoolSculpting which helps to get rid of those bulges of fat that you really hate – the non-invasive version of liposuction.
  • VelaShape II is a method of helping to get rid of cellulite and, because it tightens the body too, can reduce the width of your thighs, for example, giving you a better silhouette.
  • Smartxide DOT laser treatment to help rejuvenate the skin to take years off you.
  • IPLTM Laser Hair Removal uses intense puled light to remove unwanted hair from your legs, underarms or bikini line etc.

You can also have non-surgical face lifts as well as lip fillers, removal of thread veins, airbrushing of wrinkles and much, much more.

If you’d like treatment but don’t want surgery then don’t hesitate, get in contact with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic today and book your consultation.

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