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18th July 2013
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Who saw our own Dr Tracy Mountford, founder of the Cosmetic Skin Clinic here in Stoke Poges, and her PA Jean Beard on The Apprentice 2013 Final last night?


Dr Tracy Mountford, a key opinion leader and multi-award winner in the Cosmetic Aesthetics industry field was talking to Lord Sugar about Dr Leah Totton's, the winner of this years Apprentice, business pitch and business idea.


Dr Leah intends to open a chain of clinics offering what she claims are the three most wanted aesthetic beauty treatments namely facial fillers, botox injections and skin peels. The branded chain which will roll out in the near future is said to be going to be named 'Dr Leah' to identify the clinics absolutely with their originator, Dr Leah Totton, who is passionate about making sure that those who opt for aesthetic treatments will be treated only by medical professionals who have adequate training to administer these treatments safely and without the risk that some of these treatments do carry in the hands of those not properly medically trained to use them.


The Dr Leah brand name has been chosen primarily by Lord Sugar who said last night that he is investing in Dr Leah herself rather than the field of aesthetic beauty treatments per se and he has a strong wish that the brand would reflect the bright young entrepreneur he has chosen as his Apprentice 2013 and all that she stands for.


Dr Leah intends to lobby for more regulation and tighter controls in the field of aesthetic medicine, as she has long been concerned about some of the things that can go wrong if these treatments are administered by untrained inadequately qualified practitioners.


Lord Sugar seemed nervous of taking a risk with Dr Leah's business idea prior to the final showdown last night. However, it appears that his chats with guests at Dr Leah's presentation, especially the information and comments he received from Cosmetic Skin Clinic founder Dr Tracy Mountford helped him towards his final decision.


Dr Tracy Mountford, a founder member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and a leader and key opinion maker in the field of aesthetic beauty treatments, helped to assure him that Dr Leah was on the right track in aiming to make sure that only qualified professional medical staff would be administering aesthetic treatments in the clinics which Lord Sugar will have a 50% share in along with Dr Leah. She pointed out that in entering a hugely competitive market like the aesthetics industry Dr Leah would have to stand, 'head and shoulders above the competition'.


After the final choice was made Lord Sugar joked that he may be Dr Leah's first customer but this was very much tongue in cheek and it remains to be seen whether next years programme for the Apprentice will show us the face of a much younger looking clinically aesthetically treated Lord Sugar!


Those local to Buckinghamshire looking for professionally trained staff administering aesthetic beauty treatments need look no further than Dr Tracy Mountford's own much respected brand, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic at Stoke Poges whilst Londoners can have treatments at her Harley Street branch.


There is no doubt that Dr Tracy Mountford, key speaker at FACE 2013, would wish Dr Leah well in her new enterprise with Lord Sugar and here at thebestofbeaconsfield we wish Dr Leah every success too.


We enjoyed watching Dr Leah and her fellow competitors week by week in what was a very watchable and enjoyable Apprentice season this year. Well done Dr Leah!

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