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26th April 2017
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When life gets tough and we have busy weeks at work, there is only one way to celebrate the end of the week and that is to spend quality time with loved ones whilst eating delicious food. Of course, cooking might be a stretch too far by the end of the week so we are lucky to have some fantastic eateries in the Basingstoke area. Regardless of what flavours of the world you want to try, you are likely to find something to meet your needs.

For us Brits, Thai is very quickly becoming one of the most popular options and today we are introducing a tasty Thai restaurant ready to welcome you in - The Lime Leaf. Offering authentic dishes in a beautiful restaurant, The Lime Leaf has a superb menu with a wide array of choices for both you and your family. So far, there hasn't been many people who have visited once and never returned which goes to show the respect and love this restaurant has earned in recent times.

Even if you want to pop out for lunch, The Lime Leaf is a fantastic option because they have a variety of different menus depending on the time of day. However, you will always have your food prepared by experienced Thai chefs no matter what time you visit. What’s more, they use fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods which is something that seems to have gone missing in recent times. Among others, you will find dishes for rice and noodles, seafood, Thai curries, hot platters, and stir fries. Keeping up with the times, they also have vegetarian options in addition to dishes set aside for those who need their food free from gluten.

Although the food is amazing, we tend to visit restaurants for other reasons too and The Lime Leaf has these in abundance starting with a friendly team. Not only are they welcoming, they clearly share the passion of the owners and chefs so are happy to give recommendations wherever possible. Aside from this, they also boast a selection of fine wines to accompany your meal perfectly. Of course, they also have options for the children too making it fun for all the family.

Special Occasions - The Lime Leaf has many unique features but something that stands out is the fact that it is laid out over two floors. Above all else, this means that they have ample space for special celebrations and groups that want to visit whether it is a birthday, work christmas meal, anniversary, engagement or anything else. Holding up to around 18 people, you can celebrate with the ones you love while The Lime Leaf and their superb team look after everyone. If you are looking for a gift, you can also buy a gift card for the restaurant!

In truth, there are a number of reasons to choose The Lime Leaf from the tantalising flavours to the generous portion sizes. Additionally, you can make your booking online on the way home from work to surprise your family when you get home! Although closed on a Sunday, they are open Monday through to Saturday with lunchtimes on every day except Monday! 

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