Cyber ambassador scheme for schools
5th November 2018
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Following a decision by Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, school pupils across Hampshire Policing Area will be able to benefit from a Cyber Ambassador scheme.

In 2017/18 the Commissioner’s Youth Commission piloted the peer led Cyber Ambassador Scheme with nine primary and seven secondary schools, including Sherfield School, Hook, after a survey highlighted cyber safety as a big concern for young people.

Of the 12- 15 year olds surveyed, 96% felt that the internet can be a bit risky; one in twelve say they have been contacted by someone they did not know whilst one in three say that they have seen hate speech online.

The Cyber Ambassador scheme enables skilled-up, informed pupils to educate and offer advice and support to their peers on staying safe online.

Members of the Youth Commission designed the materials and delivered the training to schools in the pilot scheme. For secondary schools this covers issues such as sexting, cyber stalking and grooming.

Primary Schools learn how to stay safe and defeat cyber sea monsters Selphire (selfies) Meanataur (cyberbullying), Angler (searching), Info-Eator (privacy) and Bi-Diphorus (befriending).

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