Would you like a free pair of hands for your business?
26th July 2017
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As an employer, bringing new people into your business can be a gamble.

Are they going to suitable? Will they fit in and have the right attitude, creativity and ideas you're looking for?

Well, Cumbria Training Centre’s new Traineeship to Apprenticeship Program makes the task of finding suitable young people for your business so much easier!

Would you like a free pair of hands for your business for 8 weeks? Through this program employers will be given the opportunity to try out candidates on unpaid work experience. And if anyone aged 16-18 is taken on through the scheme, then employers could qualify for a £1000 incentive too (subject to eligibility)

You could have first pick of enthusiastic, energetic young people, eager to work, who have plenty of fresh ideas ready to show what they can do. It also gives you the employer the chance to see how well candidates apply themselves, integrate into your business and the skills they have before you make a choice on whether to take them on or not.

Cumbria Training Centre would support any 16-23 year old trainees to gain qualifications.

So you’ve really got nothing to lose!

Get in touch with the team at CTC today on 01229 838892 or email Cassandra.nolan@cumbriatc.org.uk for more details.

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