Bonfire Night Fun
29th October 2020
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So Bonfire Night is going to look and feel a little bit different this year!

Normally by now we’d have been busy deciding which of the fabulous local displays to attend, but virtually all bonfires and firework displays have been cancelled.

Will this dampen our spirits this Bonfire Night?

Of course not!

There’s still plenty of fun to be had – albeit in the comfort of your own home – you’ve just got to be creative, imaginative and put a little bit of extra effort in to have a brilliant bonfire night.

So what kind of things could you do?

Well you can obviously buy fireworks and sparklers to use in your gardens – bonfire night isn’t the same without them really is it!

But if you want to create a great atmosphere and keep the kids occupied on the run up to the 5th November you might want a few more ideas to fall back on.

Here’s a list of fun activities to do to make this Bonfire night special.


Prepare your own Bonfire Night Food


Edible Sparklers

Take some breadsticks, dunk them in either chocolate spread or peanut butter and then into brightly coloured sprinkles to create your very own edible sparklers.


Fruity Rockets

Using wooden skewers and a slection of fruit and a bit of imagination you can create fruit rockets, they’ll look great and offer a healthier alternative to sweets.


Create your own ‘Hot Chocolate Station’

You can’t beat a mug of hot chocolate this time of year. If you’ve got a slow cooker at home, why not use it to keep your supply of hot chocolate warm and have different pots next to it full of marshmallows and sprinkles – and don’t forget the squirty cream!



Crafty ideas for Bonfire Night

Kids love using their imagination and there are plenty of great bonfire night themed craft activities for the kids to get involved with. From pipe cleaner fireworks, glittery night skies, paint splattered fireworks to handprint bonfires, there’s more than enough ways to keep the kids occupied.

You can find out more here:


Create your own Bonfire Night Games

Glow in the dark bowling:

If you’ve got empty plastic water bottles why not pop different coloured glow sticks in each one, fill them back up with water to create your own glow in the dark bowling alley. It’s a fun game the whole family can play.


Glow in the dark Hoopla:

Join glowsticks together to make a hoop, find a pole or peg to toss them onto and you’ve got yourself a glow in the dark ring toss game!


Barrow’s Drive In Firework Display

If you still crave the spectacle of an organised firework display, then don’t despair, there’s a drive in firework display planned at Park Vale Running Track on Walney from the 5th to the 7th of November. You do have to book and there are, as there should be, rules and regs you must follow to be allowed on site. You can find out more here!


So there’s a few ideas to help make this year’s Bonfire Night a bit more special. Although things are different this year you can still have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Whatever you choose to do this Bonfire Night, have fun and please stay safe.






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