Wintertime is Gymtime!
5th December 2016
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For many of us Christmas is the perfect excuse (if one was needed) to over indulge. The lure of the mince pies, the turkey sandwiches, the obligatory litre bottle of Baileys… it’s all far too tempting isn’t it? Come on - we’ve all been there!

Ok, it might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s no laughing matter when you’re struggling to get into your jeans in January is it?

Thank heavens for Park Leisure Centre!

Normally they don’t do things by halves, but that’s all changed with their wonderful new offer.

Their 50/50 membership offer not only gives you access to many of the centre’s fantastic facilities, it’s excellent value for money too.

You take out a 12 month membership, make 6 monthly payments of £29.50 by Direct debit from your bank account, and receive the last 6 months at half price!

That’s a massive saving of £88.50!

You won’t be tied to any contract, and the offer includes a free induction, a free personalised fitness plan, swim, gym, classes and off peak raquet sports.

So what are you waiting for?

Wintertime is most definitely Gymtime!

For more information give Gavin (Park Leisure’s Membership Advisor) a call on 01229 845925 

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