There’s always time to visit Barrow Credit Union
27th June 2017
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Barrow Credit Union is well known for providing local people with a safe and convenient place to save and borrow money. Whether you want to save for something special or for those unexpected expenses, they have an account or loan that's suitable for you.

They are constantly looking at new ways to help support their members by being able to provide the very best service they can.

With this in mind Barrow Credit Union are changing their opening hours to be more accessible to anyone wishing to pop into the branch or looking to get in touch with them. The branch will now be open Monday to Friday between 10 am to 3pm.

The changes don’t stop there though! People lead very busy lives, and between school runs, work and everything else in-between it can be difficult to find the time to pop into the branch during a working week.  So, throughout July and August, Barrow Credit will be open every Saturday between 10am – 12pm, giving everyone the chance to come in, save money, open accounts or arrange loan appointments.

And they haven’t forgotten about young savers either!

If you pop into the branch and open a young savers account at Barrow Credit Union throughout the Summer, your child will receive a free kit bag! Details on young savers accounts can be found here:

So whether you’re looking to save or borrow money, remember to make YOUR Credit Union your first port of call

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