Summer Reading Challenge 2022
4th July 2022
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Every year The Summer Reading Challenge brings the joy of literature, imagination and creativity to young people. This year’s theme is all about science and innovation and is called ‘Gadgeteers’

Science is all around you! What do you love doing? Are you a brilliant baker? Or a mega music fan? Are you the tech wizard amongst your friends?

Join the Gadgeteers on this year’s Summer Reading Challenge to discover the amazing science and innovation behind the world around you– including some of your favourite things!!!

For this year’s challenge, The Reading Agency has teamed up with the Science Museum Group for a science themed challenge to inspire you to use your imagination and be creative!!

The Summer Reading Challenge is packed full of amazing books, fantastic rewards and loads and loads of ideas for awesome experiments and activities to do.

So, get involved and discover the science that’s all around you.

You can find out more online by clicking here! Or by popping along to your local library.

Have fun everyone!!

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