DND Accountancy are real team players!
14th September 2016
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DND Accountancy Services in Barrow proudly announced their sponsorship of Barrow Island Under 12’ s recently – and I’m sure you’ll agree that the logo on the teams kit and their pitch side banner looks fantastic.

When local businesses sponsor local teams it has great benefits for everyone. The business gets great promotion and shows local people that they have pride in their community and want to ‘give a little back’. And for the team it’s a great boost knowing that others have pride in them and are willing to support them in what they love to do.

Barrow Island Under 12’s rugby team meet at Rating Lane playing fields on Ostley Bank on Mondays at 6.15pm and Wednesdays at 5.45pm.

For more details contact their coach on 07731063898 or email wayne.sanderson@hotmail.co.uk

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