Are you still in debt after Christmas?
19th January 2017
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The presents have all been opened, the decorations have been taken down and the Christmas Tree has been sent to be recycled. Christmas is a distant memory.

Or is it?

It’s true that Christmas is the season of goodwill and making merry; but for many people they head into January and beyond still feeling the aftermath of a financial hangover.

In the race to make Christmas the perfect, special occasion we all want it to be, it’s so easy to lose track of just how much money you get through. It’s so easy to just produce the trusty credit card and spend, spend, spend.

It’s great at the time, and yeah, everyone has a fantastic Christmas – the pressure’s off for another 12 months, but the financial implications soon hit hard in the New Year! And when the credit card bills do come through the letterbox, you feel that knot in your stomach as you start to panic about repayments, and if you can afford them.

That’s where your Credit Union can help!

If you have credit card debts, or multiple outstanding loans, then you may consider the option of consolidating your debts with an affordable, hassle free loan with Barrow Credit Union.

Debt consolidation can save you a lot of money over a period of time- and help you sleep a lot sounder at night too.

So don’t struggle with your financial hangover – get in touch with one of the friendly team on 01229 870110, or visit

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